La GRAN pantalla, is an intergenerational cinematic meeting space that seeks to dismantle stereotypes of the elderly through cinema. Thus, having as a thematic focus the representation of the elderly, we look for stories that allow us to generate new readings and discourses about it, going beyond the conventional representations that are usually associated with this stage of life.

The third version of this film festival will take place from July 1 to 4, 2021 in Barcelona city.

La GRAN pantalla is an original idea of ​​elParlante, an entity specialized in the design, implementation and evaluation of communication strategies that for several years has been developing important projects of a social nature. Among them is work in campaigns and empowerment projects with elderly people using the theater, audiovisual and formal education.

All official information will be published on our website www.lagranpantallafestival.com, official Facebook www.facebook.com/lagranpantallabcn  and associated media.



In this second version we will have a non-competitive section of International Feature Films and a unique category of International Short Films competition.

Below are the conditions that the films must fulfill for their application.


Films completed from July 2019. Short films can be fiction, documentary or animation produced both in Spain and abroad.

The short films main theme should be the elderly.

  1. Films completed from July 2019. Short films can be fiction, documentary or animation produced both in Spain and abroad.
  2. The short films main theme should be the elderly.
  3. The short films must have a maximum duration of 30 (thirty) minutes, credits included.
  4. The short films that are not presented in Spanish, must be duly subtitled in Spanish.
  5. The short films must comply with the minimum technical standards for their exhibition.
  6. The short films may not be published on the Internet before exhibition.


Opening: from the publication of the entry rules, on December 21st, 2020

Deadline: reception of applications until March 1st, 2021


Applications and the submission of works will be made only through the associated platform Festhome, completing the data requested by the platform and respecting the competition entry rules, through the following link:




Those selected will be notified by email during the month of April 2021, and the complete list of the official selection will be published and disseminated through our website, official social networks and associated media.

Submitted works will not be returned.

4.1 Selection Criteria

The organization reserves the right to select the works that participate in the Festival. The curatorship will be carried out by the Festival’s programming area and competent professionals in the field. They are excluded from participating:

  1. Any work related directly or indirectly to any member of the Festival organization.
  2. Any work directly related to any sponsor, associated media, in relation to the Festival.
  3. Any work that does not comply with the published bases.

4.2 Conditions Selected Works

Once contacted the representatives of the works selected in the different categories have the following duties:

  1. Send to the address that will be indicated in the contact email, copies of your work in Blu-ray or file (H264).
  2. Copies must be in the possession of the organization no later than April 30th, 2021.
  3. Any problem with the exhibition format or any other reason, please contact the organization as soon as possible by e-mail direccionartistica@lagranpantallafestival.com


The jury will be composed of people with experience in the field of cinema.

Any member who has a direct or indirect relationship with any of the competing works is excluded from being a juror.

The verdict of the jury will be public and known by all participants and attendees of the Festival, being published on the website, social networks and associated media. The decisions of the jury will be un-appealable.

The organization of the festival has no influence on the decisions of the jury.



  1. The organization reserves the right to add or withdraw prizes according to its criteria. The prizes will be announced on dates close to the event.
  2. The winning work of the category will be chosen, special mention of the jury (if the jury decides to grant it) and prize of the public.
  3. The winners must include the corresponding logo and laurels of the prize won in the contest to their future copies and dissemination material.
  4. The prizes obtained in relation to links with sponsors will have an agreement that will be signed once the festival ends, whose clauses once accepted must be respected.


The contest will have the licenses of the short films of the selection for its projection in itinerancies in other activities linked to the festival and special samples for educational purposes.

The organization reserves the right to use fragments of the selected films to prepare advertising material for the festival.



The organizers reserve the right to modify the event for force reasons.

Inquiries and questions: direccionartistica@lagranpantallafestival.com 

Website: http://www.lagranpantallafestival.com

Facebook: https://facebook.com/lagranpantallabcn

Twitter: https://twitter.com/granpantallabcn

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lagranpantallabcn